Click Tracking Discrepancies with Google Analytics

The Google Analytics setup 

Many advertisers use Google Analytics as a secondary tool to double check campaign performance.  FuelX can integrate with Google Analytics by adding UTM codes to your ad destination URL.  However, you may see a minor data discrepancy between your FuelX dashboard and your Google Analytics reporting.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. Google Analytics may be set up incorrectly:
    • Make sure the Google Analytics Javascript is placed across all pages and firing correctly.  To verify, click in to ‘Tracking Info > Tracking Code’ and confirm the status is set to ‘Receiving Data’
    • Confirm UTM codes are appended to all ad destination URLs.  You can send us your specific UTM codes or your Account Manager can put the UTM codes together for you
    • UTM codes are case sensitive. A search for ‘FuelX’ will turn up different results within Google Analytics from a search for ‘FuelX’. Keep UTM naming conventions consistent to save yourself from future headaches!
    • Avoid redirecting URLs as these will often strip the UTM parameter
  2. Differences in time zones:
    • The FuelX dashboard reports in Pacific Time while many advertisers run reporting in user local time or UTM

Click and visitor tracking differences

FuelX and Google Analytics use different methods to track and report on clicks.  Here are a few reasons why you might see discrepancies in clicks:

  • Google Analytics cannot track clicks that happen on FuelX ads. What Google Analytics can track is the page view that results from the click.  If a user clicks multiple times on a single ad we may log that as multiple clicks while Google Analytics will only log the activity as one pageview
  • If your ad uses a redirecting URL, the redirect will drop the UTM parameter. FuelX will log the click while Google Analytics will likely not pick it up
  • If the user clicks but for some reason your page does not fully load, we’ll track that initial click but Google Analytics will not count the pageview


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