Conversion tracking discrepancies with Google Analytics

Conversion Tracking Discrepancies

Google Analytics tracks conversions differently from FuelX so it’s important to understand two of the main factors that will yield discrepancies:

  1. Google Analytics only tracks click through conversions while FuelX is able to track both click through conversions and view through conversions
  2. Google Analytics automatically attributes the conversion to last touch, regardless of the other marketing channels involved in the conversion path.  By contrast, FuelX attributes conversions to the last FuelX ad that was clicked or viewed

Google Analytics’ Multi-Channel Tool and Model Comparison Tool

FuelX primarily targets new users who have not been to your site before to educate them about your service and bring them back to your site. If you are running other retargeting or search advertising campaigns, it is common for Google Analytics to credit those campaigns after FuelX’s initial touch.

In order to view the number of conversions where FuelX played a roll but did not cause the last click, you may use two Google Analytics tools:

  1. Use Google Analytics’ ‘Multi-Channel Funnels’ to view the FuelX assisted conversions.
    • For Primary Dimension select Source and look for FuelX (or Fuel451 if you started your campaign before June 1st, 2015)
  2. You can also update the attribution reporting in the ‘Model Comparison Tool’.  Google Analytics defaults to ‘Last Interaction’ but you can update it to display conversion data based on:
    • First Interaction
    • Linear
    • Time Decay
    • Position Based
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