FuelX Pixel Functionality

What is the FuelX Pixel?

Your pixel is a Javascript code snippet that you place just below the opening head tag of your site. The pixel has been specially engineered to load asynchronously and independently. As such, the loading of the FuelX tracking code will never block your website from rendering.


Is my Pixel unique?

Your FuelX pixel is uniquely generated when you create a FuelX account. You pixel will contain unique identifiers associated to your account and campaigns which will allow our teams at FuelX to correctly identify and track your campaign performance.


(The following code is only meant as example code. Do not copy.)

<script type="text/javascript">
        (function (f, u, e, l, x) {
        'use strict';
        if (f.fx) return;
        f.fuelxEQ = [];
        f.fuelx = function () {
        (f.fuelxP && f.fuelxP.fuelx) ? f.fuelxP.handleEvent(arguments) : f.fuelxEQ.push(arguments);
        x = f.document.createElement(u);
        x.async = true;
        x.src = e;
        l = f.document.getElementsByTagName(u)[0];
        l.parentNode.insertBefore(x, l);
        }(window, 'script', 'js/track.js'));   
<script type="text/javascript">
        fuelx("init", "pixel ID", "business ID");  ⇐======= pid and bid should match dashboard

 Technical Details

Your FuelX Intelligent Pixel is an asynchronous javascript code which is engineered to load quickly and designed so that it will not interfere with any element on your website. The code inserts a script element before your first script tag in the page and appends an invisible image element to the web page. If the connection to FuelX’s CDNs were interrupted or slow, your website would not be affected from this since the pixel is asynchronously loaded.

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