Activating Event Tracking

How do I know if my Intelligent Pixel is working?
Within your FuelX interface view your Tracking and Measure ROI sections. If you see the following message “Nothing received yet”. Then that means your tracking or conversion code has not been place or the Intelligent Pixel is firing incorrectly. However, if you do not see this message and data being populated within the Data Dashboard section then your pixels have been placed correctly.

Instructions By Platform

We do have instructions by platform here.

If your platform is not listed and you are not sure how to add it to your website, search your platforms documentation for installing third-party analytics tracking. Instructions differ from platform to platform but usually involve the following results:

  • Header template
  • Footer template
  • Custom HTML
  • Custom Javascript
  • Adding Analytics
  • Adding Code
  • Third Party Tags

If you still cannot find clear instructions for where to place the Intelligent Pixel please reach out to your platform’s support representatives.

Where to fire your Intelligent Pixel?

The Intelligent Pixel does not need to fire on every page, but we highly recommend you place the pixel on every page where you want to track a user’s visits. On pages where you wish to record a conversion event you will be supplied with a separate javascript script which will record any conversion events.

In addition, ensure that the tracking pixel is placed on the cart and checkout pages if you are using a ecommerce platform. Certain platforms, Shopify and BigCommerce, use different domains for the checkout pages (e.g. If the Intelligent pixel is not placed on these pages, we will not be able to target these high intent users. If you have a Standard Shopify plan then your checkout pages may be hosted on Shopify for security reasons.


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