Setting up Google Analytics with eCommerce Tracking

To set up Google Analytics for eCommerce conversion tracking, complete the following steps:

  1. Add your Google Analytics eCommerce tracking code to your site.
  2. On your conversion success page or thank you page, add the eCommerce tracking code. You will need to add the command: ga('require', 'eCommerce'); Google Analytics requires that you include the order or transaction id and name in your conversion tracking code. You may include additional data including SKU, Category, Price and Quantity.
  3. Enable eCommerce reporting on your Google Analytics account. Locate and click Admin in the top navigation. Make sure you have selected the appropriate Account and Property. Under the View column, select eCommerce Settings. Turn status to β€˜on’ under Enable eCommerce.
  4. Make sure you are looking at the correct dates and that you are viewing the eCommerce results for conversions when checking results in the acquisition section of "Reporting".
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