Troubleshooting Event Tracking

We recommend that you place your Event Tracking code and any associated conversion event code within your global head tag. The Intelligent Pixel has been engineered to only load after all the elements on your page have rendered, meaning that our pixel will not block your page from displaying to the user. 

Troubleshooting Steps

Follow these tips to make sure your pixel is implemented correctly:

  1. Give your pixel time. If the code was placed correctly, the alert sign next to with “Intelligent Pixel Active” will turn green after 24 hours. After you or your tech team place the pixel, check back in the dashboard the following day.
  2. Check to see if the pixel is placed correctly. It is best practice to place the pixel directly within your head tag which will enable our pixel to fire immediately and begin to transmit data back to our servers.
  3. If the pixel has been altered from either the code in your dashboard or from the code your account manager provided, it will not fire correctly. Do not change text formatting of the pixel code such as the bid or unique pixel id. This will cause errors within the Intelligent Pixel and user data may not be recorded. Your pixel code must be exactly copied from your dashboard.
  4. Check your pid and bid pixel values. If you are running separate campaigns on different domains, you will need to ensure that your pid and bid values within your pixels on your websites match the associated campaign pixel pid and bid values within the dashboard.

If you believe that you have met all of the outlined requirements and your pixel is still not firing after 24 hours, please email your account executive or reach us at


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